After Many Autumns 佛教作品文選


Mistry rain over Mount Lu and the waves of Zhejiang,
Missing out on such marvels brings a thousand unbearable regrets;
But upon actually seeing them, there is nothing really there:
Just mistry rain over Mount Lu and the waves of Zhejiang.
           --Su Shi(1036-1101)

Fluidly translCP, Autumnated and annotated, and complete with biographical and historical notes, After Many Autumns collects over two hundred of the most well-known and beloved works of Chinese Buddhist literature into a single volume. In poetry and prose, After Many Autumns culls from centuries of celebrated compositions from monastics, hermits, sages, and scholars as they communicate subtle truths.

383 pp., 5.5"x 8.25", paperback


Editors: John Gill and Susan Tidwell
Translator: John Balcom, PH.D.
Featuring: Hsing Yun, Emperor Shunzhi, Hongyi, Lianchi, Hanshan Su Shi, Li Yu, Dongshan Liangjie, Bai Juyi, Huineng




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